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"I am writing to tell you how the SATs went. I made a great improvement in my score! I would like to thank the teacher for being such a help, and for making the class very enjoyable. I am so glad I chose California Learning Center to help me prepare. I have now been offered a scholarship to college!"

"I took the SAT preparation class at the California Learning Center. It helped me to know the inside of the test. I was taught strategies that I couldn't have gotten if I had just studied the SAT book on my own. As a result of taking the class, I raised my score the amount I needed for the college I'd chosen."

"My son took your summer SAT preparation class. What a difference between the 840 he got in May and the 1030 he received in October after he took your program. Now we really know what a capable learner he is!"

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SAT/ACT Preparation

students doing homework together It is critical that college-bound students are thoroughly prepared for this important exam. We teach systematic methods for success through individualized instruction. Emphasis is placed on areas where students require the most support. Critical reading (vocabulary and comprehension), writing, (grammar, rhetorical skills and essay writing), and math skills (pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, algebra 2, logical reasoning) are developed. The analytical and interpretive skills assessed in the science component of the ACT are addressed.

girl doing math homework with a calculator Test-taking strategies are strengthened so that students maximize their potential. Students gain confidence from six test-taking opportunities. We provide specific feedback about their performances, and offer recommendations for further improvement. We offer very small classes, so that each student's needs and goals are personally known to the instructor.

For more information or to arrange to discuss your child's particular needs, please either call us at (916) 486-2646, or submit the form above by email, providing only such information as you feel comfortable revealing.

Please note that although we cannot interrupt teaching sessions to answer the phone, we aim to return phone calls or respond to e-mails within 24 hours.

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