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"My daughter was having troubles with 5th grade math. Since she had always been an 'A' student, and always had great scores on all the previous math tests, it came as quite a shock when she began to bring home low grades. Luckily a friend suggested that we bring her to see you. She is currently doing A+ work in her 6th grade math class."

"A year ago her math skills were tested at the 3rd percentile. Within 6 months of work with you, her score at school is now at the 48th percentile! Now she says she loves math. You have given our daughter skills that will bring her much success in life. What a gift!"

"Our daughter came to California Learning Center and she has improved greatly in math. She is now up to speed with her class mates. Everyone seemed to go beyond the level we expected. Once again we thank you for everything."

"I want to express my heart-felt thanks to all of you for the remarkable job you've done with our daughter. She has gone from hating math and struggling with it, to loving it, getting As and Bs easily in it, and now considering a career in engineering! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

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student learning math with blocks Students must "get" math concepts before they can rely on math symbols. Too often, children don't really understand the meaning behind multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, negative numbers, percentages, etc. To really understand, many students must learn through 'hands-on' experiences, games, and carefully selected computer activities. We provide these essential foundation experiences, and the practice necessary to transfer this learning into successful use of symbols. Then a student is thoroughly prepared for real classroom success.

students doing homework together In middle school, students form an important foundation for higher level math. It is essential that Pre-algebra and Algebra be fully understood so that students are successful when encountering the high school mathematical concepts that lie ahead. We ensure that students learn to manipulate and simplify algebraic functions, and we help them develop an understanding of algebra to explain real-life experiences.. At the high school level, we build upon this foundation as we address the full curriculum of Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus. We guide our students to recognize what they know, to build upon this knowledge and to develop their potential.

Pre-Algebra topics include variables; order of operations; equations; inequalities; exponents; geometry; ratios, proportions & percents; coordinate graphing, graphing equations & inequalities; plane figure areas; volumes & surface area; square roots & radicals, right triangles, trig. ratios, probability & statistics.

Algebra topics include absolute value; FOIL (multiplying binomials); factoring; word problems & problem solving; operations with algebraic fractions; negative exponents; scientific notation; linear equations; domain & range; linear & quadratic functions; solving systems of equations & quadratics; rational & irrational numbers.

Geometry topics include points, lines, segments, rays & angles; proofs; properties of parallel lines & plane figures; inequalities; right triangles; trig.; areas; geometric probability; solid figure surface area & volume; graphing equations.

student doing homework Algebra 2 topics include solving systems of linear equations; inequalities; graphing; linear programming; relations; functions; domain& range; laws of exponents; radicals & solving radical equations; imaginary & complex numbers; solving quadratics, polynomials; analytic geometry; logarithmic functions; series; binomials; permutations; trig.; functions; matrices & determinants; circular & periodic functions.

Pre-calculus topics include periodic, trig., circular, parametric exponential & logarithmic functions; combined sinusoids; vectors; regression& correlation; probability permutations; combinations; matrix transformations; analytic geometry; polar coordinates; series.

For more information or to arrange to discuss your child's particular needs, please either call us at (916) 486-2646, or submit the form above by email, providing only such information as you feel comfortable revealing.

Please note that although we cannot interrupt teaching sessions to answer the phone, we aim to return phone calls or respond to e-mails within 24 hours.

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