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"Our daughter's writing is displaying organization and is progressing logically from one idea to another. She is now using vocabulary that is in line with her intellectual abilities. I just received her standardized scores from school, and she went up markedly in all areas. "

"I am so grateful to have been referred to the California Learning Center by my son's school counselor. I now know that he will be prepared to pursue an even higher level of education upon graduating from high school next June"

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student writing homework Effective writing is essential as a lifelong communication skill. Students must describe orally before they can capture their ideas in writing. In the primary grades, children must master letter formation and be able to present their thoughts on paper with relative ease. They need to acquire a broad vocabulary before concise summaries can be recorded, and descriptive passages can be composed. Children need to produce a variety of passages - descriptive, expository, creative, persuasive etc. We create opportunities for planning, drafting, revising, proof-reading and finally producing the finished copy. Individual needs in mechanics (punctuation and capitalization), grammar, usage, and written expression are identified and strengthened.

mother and daughter doing homework together on a computer We address the wide range of each school's expectations for writing, including paragraphs and multi-paragraph essays, common grammar errors and the complex topics included in the high school English curriculums. We serve students in regular classes, the accelerated public school programs (GATE classes including I.B. and Honors), and those attending private elementary, middle schools and high schools. We assist students to engage in internet research in support of their writing projects.

Spelling is an integral part of successful writing. All students can improve their spelling skills, even those who are convinced that they will never conquer spelling. The latest techniques for teaching spelling are employed.

Some of our students have won writing contests, and have had their written pieces published in school magazines.

For more information or to arrange to discuss your child's particular needs, please either call us at (916) 486-2646, or submit the form above by email, providing only such information as you feel comfortable revealing.

Please note that although we cannot interrupt teaching sessions to answer the phone, we aim to return phone calls or respond to e-mails within 24 hours.

3400 Cottage Way, Suite C Sacramento, CA 95825 | (916) 486-2646