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"I want you to know how pleased we've been with our son's improved abilities since he participated in your Study Skills program. He can now organize his thoughts, prepare an outline and study effectively. He can read with complete comprehension rather than just getting bits and pieces."

"My son took your Study Skills program in his freshman year of High School. Both he and his teachers are delighted with the results. He is now ready for his sophomore year, and is beginning to excel both academically and personally".

"I am writing to tell you how the SATs went. I made a great improvement in my score! It went up 130 points. I would like to thank the teacher for being such a help, and for making the class very enjoyable. I am so glad I chose California Learning Center to help me prepare. I have now been offered a scholarship to college!"

"I took the SAT preparation class at the California Learning Center. It helped me to know the inside of the test. I was taught strategies that I couldn't have gotten if I had just studied the SAT book on my own. "

"My son took your summer SAT preparation class. What a difference between the 840 he got in May and the 1030 he received in October after he took your program. Now we really know what a capable learner he is!"

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Special Programs


8th grade students, and their families, may face the challenge of selecting a high school. Some schools merely require placements tests, while others offer a rigorous exam as an integral part of the entrance application. We are here to help. All students must present their best performances. Perhaps the most important component of preparation for any test is to face the experience with confidence. This comes from clear expectations of the format, a strong grasp of the content, and an understanding of the performance pace required. The HSPT (required for many prestigious private high schools) includes verbal skills (synonyms, antonyms, analogies, verbal logic), reading (comprehension and vocabulary), mathematics (concepts and problem solving), quantitative skills (series reasoning and comparisons), and language (punctuation, capitalization, usage, composition). Small class size allows for individualized instruction. Two practice tests are completed under timed conditions.


For many students, a road-block to success results from under-developed study skills. These encompass organization, planning, time management, note-taking, listening comprehension, test preparation and test taking. We help students take responsibility for their own learning by improving their understanding of how they learn, and by effective implementation of successful strategies. Students begin to organize their weekly and monthly schedules using a visual planner to record time spent on homework, studying, and test preparation. They use their own school materials to enable direct application of study skills to daily learning. Once middle and high school students begin to enjoy their improved grades, their motivation increases further. They are determined to maintain this progress. Success breeds success!


It is critical that college-bound students are thoroughly prepared for this important exam. We teach systematic methods for success through individualized instruction. Emphasis is placed on areas where students require the most support. Critical reading (vocabulary, and reading comprehension), writing, (grammar and essay writing), and math skills (pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, algebra 2, logical reasoning) are developed. Test-taking strategies are perfected so that students maximize their potential. Students gain confidence from six test-taking opportunities. We provide specific feed-back about their performances, and offer recommendations for further improvement. We offer very small classes, so that each student's needs and goals are personally known by the instructor.


This test is the culmination of years of schooling, and a necessary step toward receiving a high school diploma. We help students to acquire and develop foundation skills in reading, writing and math. This includes reading vocabulary, comprehension, literary response and analysis, writing conventions and strategies, math number sense, equations, graphing, measurement, geometry, statistics, probabilities and logical reasoning. Students apply these skills in practice tests. Individualized instruction ensures that each student's needs are met.


Some students require and deserve additional educational stimulation. They are able to work above the level of their class-mates, and will acquire an academic edge if they receive supplementary enrichment in the after-school hours. Some motivated students aim to apply for accelerated classes at school, and want to be admitted to GATE / Honors programs. We will prepare your son / daughter to face such placement tests, and to handle the increased academic load involved in such a program. Gifted children appreciate the opportunities to learn at an extra-ordinary rate.


Homework should be a component of daily learning. A thorough understanding of homework topics is essential for school success. Challenging assignments can provide important new learning opportunities. Homework support must offer permanent insight into academic areas, not merely provide a crutch to complete the assignment. Otherwise challenges will be perpetuated from assignment to assignment, and the student will continue to need support. This quality instruction can be incorporated into a child's individualized program. Then, armed with increased understanding, the student is prepared to face new related material the following day. Our goal is student independence.


Many families wish to educate their children at home. This is an option open to all Californian parents. However, at times, the specialized touch of a credentialed experienced teacher makes all the difference. Contact with a program such as the California Learning Center can provide the ideal opportunity to overcome challenging areas of the curriculum. We'll even make it an enjoyable experience too!

For more information or to arrange to discuss your child's particular needs, please either call us at (916) 486-2646, or submit the form above by email, providing only such information as you feel comfortable revealing.

Please note that although we cannot interrupt teaching sessions to answer the phone, we aim to return phone calls or respond to e-mails within 24 hours.

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