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"After his first session, he couldn't wait for the next one. I asked him what kind of things he was doing. He began to name different games that were played. They were all learning games, and made the learning fun. Here we are, a few months later, and he is reading at grade level."

"When my son began attending CLC, he was struggling with reading. One of the most heart-breaking things he has ever said to me was "Mom, did you know that I'm in the lowest reading group?" During the short time that you have been working with him, he has made great strides."

"It is remarkable to see the change that has occurred in my daughter after only two months at CLC. She spent hours this Sunday morning at Lake Tahoe not watching cartoons as usual ´┐Żbut READING and READING and then READING some more!"

"My son started at CLC in 2nd grade, in the midst of a 'learning crisis'. His reading skills were below average, but more importantly his confidence in himself was waning. For a parent to watch their bright child struggle was heart-breaking."

"Our son has learned that he is capable of participating and being successful in all his high school classes. He recognizes now that he was capable all along, but needed that bit of 'one-on-one' time as well as strategies tailored to his learning style, to enable him to do it. Thanks so much".

"Our son has advanced three and a half years in reading since we came to you eighteen months ago, and he's enjoyed every minute of it. The difference that really being able to read has made in him is incredible."

"My daughter was having troubles with 5th grade math. Since she had always been an 'A' student, and always had great scores on all the previous math tests, it came as quite a shock when she began to bring home low grades. Luckily a friend suggested that we bring her to see you."

"A year ago her math skills were tested at the 3rd percentile. Within 6 months of work with you, her score at school is now at the 48th percentile! Now she says she loves math. You have given our daughter skills that will bring her much success in life. What a gift!"

"Our daughter came to California Learning Center and she has improved greatly in math. She is now up to speed with her class mates."

"I want to express my heart-felt thanks to all of you for the remarkable job you've done with our daughter. She has gone from hating math and struggling with it, to loving it, getting As and Bs easily in it, and now considering a career in engineering! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

"Our only reluctance in leaving the Sacramento area is that we cannot take CLC with us! To say 'Thank you' seems so inadequate for what you and your staff have done for our son. As a 14 year old High School freshman, he was not doing well in school. Now, 6 months later we are saying ...WOW!"

"Our daughter's writing is displaying organization and is progressing logically from one idea to another. She is now using vocabulary that is in line with her intellectual abilities. I just received her standardized scores from school, and she went up markedly in all areas. "

"I am so grateful to have been referred to the California Learning Center by my son's school counselor. I now know that he will be prepared to pursue an even higher level of education upon graduating from high school next June"

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Reading is the gateway to all future education. Students must learn to read before they can read to learn! Reading is composed of two elements: decoding (turning letters into sounds, and sequences of sounds into words) and comprehension (gaining full meaning from the written word). Phonemic awareness and effortless sight word recognition are essential. Through "fun" activities we cover all areas comprehensively and successfully. Addressing reading speed and fluency are essential components. State of the art software and technology are employed to stimulate exciting growth. Students scan reading material (including school assignments) on to the computer, where they can simultaneously read and hear the text. Reading speed and font size are adjustable to suit the students' needs. This has been proved to enhance reading speed, fluency and comprehension. Students average a reading gain of at least one full year for each course of instruction (based on standardized test results).


Reading speed and fluency may not be enough to ensure success. Students must appreciate complex ideas, must predict probable outcomes, must recognize fore-shadowing, and must comprehend content within the total context. Advanced vocabulary must be understood. Note-taking must be mastered, and outlines for summaries prepared. Literary response is an essential skill for the mature reader. Students and talented tutors work individually to analyze and discuss passages and chapters in depth. Our tutoring plans, based on testing and analysis, are individualized to meet each student's specific needs, and to meet desired objectives. Our advanced readers are equipped to succeed in accelerated programs at school.



Students must "get" math concepts before they can rely on math symbols. Too often, children don't really understand the meaning behind multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, negative numbers, percentages, etc. To really understand, many students must learn through 'hands-on' experiences, games, and carefully selected computer activities. We provide these essential foundation experiences, and the practice necessary to transfer this learning into successful use of symbols. Then a student is thoroughly prepared for real classroom success.


In middle school, students form an important foundation for higher level math. It is essential that Pre-algebra and Algebra be fully understood so that students are successful when encountering the high school mathematical concepts that lie ahead. We ensure that students learn to manipulate and simplify algebraic functions, and we help them develop an understanding of algebra to explain real-life experiences.. At the high school level, we build upon this foundation as we address the full curriculum of Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus. We guide our students to recognize what they know, to build upon this knowledge and to develop their potential.

Pre-Algebra topics include variables; order of operations; equations; inequalities; exponents; geometry; ratios, proportions & percents; coordinate graphing, graphing equations & inequalities; plane figure areas; volumes & surface area of bodies; square roots & radicals, Pythagoras, trig. ratios, probability & statistics.

Algebra topics include absolute value; FOIL (multiplying binomials); factoring; problems & problem solving; operations with algebraic fractions; negative exponents; scientific notation; linear equations; domain & range; linear & quadratic functions; solving systems of equations & quadratics; rational & irrational numbers.

Geometry topics include points, lines, segments, rays & angles; proofs; properties of parallel lines & plane figures; inequalities; Pythagoras; trig.; areas; geometric probability; solid figure surface area & volume; graphing equations.

Algebra 2 topics include solving systems of linear equations; inequalities; graphing; linear programming; relations; functions; domain& range; laws of exponents; radicals & solving radical equations; imaginary & complex numbers; solving quadratics, polynomials; analytic geometry; logarithmic functions; series; binomials; permutations; trig.; functions; matrices & determinants; circular & periodic functions.

Pre-calculus topics include periodic, trig., circular, parametric exponential & logarithmic functions; combined sinusoids; vectors; regression& correlation; probability permutations; combinations; matrix transformations; analytic geometry; polar coordinates; series; limits, & derivatives.


Effective writing is essential as a lifelong communication skill. Students must describe orally before they can capture their ideas in writing. In the primary grades, children must master letter formation and be able to present their thoughts on paper with relative ease. They need to acquire a broad vocabulary before concise summaries can be recorded, and descriptive passages can be composed. Children need to produce a variety of passages - descriptive, expository, creative, persuasive etc. We create opportunities for planning, drafting, revising, proof-reading and finally producing the finished copy. Individual needs in mechanics (punctuation and capitalization), grammar, usage, and written expression are identified and strengthened.

We address the wide range of each school's expectations for writing, including paragraphs and multi-paragraph essays, common grammar errors and the complex topics included in the High School English curriculums. We serve students in regular classes, the accelerated public school programs (GATE classes including H.A., I.B. and Honors), and those attending the private middle schools and high schools. We assist students to engage in internet research in support of their writing projects.

Spelling is an integral part of successful writing. All students can improve their spelling skills, even those who are convinced that they will never conquer spelling. The latest techniques for teaching spelling are employed.

Some of our students have won writing contests, and have had their written pieces published in school magazines.

For more information or to arrange to discuss your child's particular needs, please either call us at (916) 486-2646, or submit the form above by email, providing only such information as you feel comfortable revealing.

Please note that although we cannot interrupt teaching sessions to answer the phone, we aim to return phone calls or respond to e-mails within 24 hours.

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